Neuroscience provides much valuable information concerning a vast spectrum of subjects that can affect your daily life. There are also things that neuroscience has discovered that are quite bizarre. Here are just a few of them. Enjoy!

1. There is a disorder known as Capgras Syndrome in which the people who suffer from it believe everybody they see is foreign. They can even look in the mirror and not recognize their own image. This is considered the exact opposite of deja vu.

2. The mind can generate some very unique and disturbing ideas, particularly of things that are not true. There is a disorder known as body integrity identity disorder. With this particular disorder, the person believes that the limbs on their body are not their known. Some of the people who suffer from this even go so far as to try and remove these limbs by amputation.

3. Neuroscience has discovered that it is definitely possible for the consciousness of a human to be divided into two parts. These different consciousnesses can actually reside in different parts of the brain.

4. The brain can be easily fooled by optical illusions. Everything that the brain sees is a complete construct of said brain. This means that the brain is fully capable of “inventing” things that are simply not there or identifiable to the brains of anyone else.

5. Compared to computers, our neurons are actually quite slow. The neurons in our brain are only capable of making signals a few times every second. Computers can perform functions of a billion every second. You can see that there is really no comparison.

For more neuroscience resource information, seek out a qualified neuroscience scientist or research department. They can provide much more information on the subject for the curious mind.

Weird Facts About Neuroscience