When most of us think of looking our best, we automatically think about losing weight. While weight loss is paramount to good health, you also need to consider weight lifting. In fact, when you lose weight, roughly 25 percent of the weight you will lose is muscle. This might seem like it’s not a big deal at first, until you realize that you feel weak, tired and overly fragile all the time. It might be difficult for you to do certain tasks because you’ve lost too much muscle. Weight lifting should be done by both genders, regardless of the fear you might have of bulking up, and it is imperative to do as you begin to age.

Benefits of Weight Lifting
Weight lifting helps to both tone and build muscle. Muscle is important for doing everyday tasks like lifting heavy items, walking, running and bending over. Weight loss is fine, but it needs to be coupled with good-quality weight lifting in order to achieve that toned physique that you’re probably going for. As you age, you’ll naturally lose muscle and you might find that your bones break easier because they’re not surrounded by dense muscle. Weight lifting can help to reverse physical signs of aging and give you your independence back.

The Right Equipment

Weight lifting needs to be done with the right equipment in order for it to be effective. You can join a gym where weight lifting equipment is readily available with instructions on how to use the machines. Likewise, you can purchase equipment for the house so that you can lift weights in the comfort of your own home. Many people avoid the heavy machines and opt for dumbbells that they can lift in different positions to build and tone their muscles. No matter what equipment you’re using, be sure to invest in weight lifting gloves to protect your hands from calluses.

Learning How to Weight Lift

You can get seriously injured if you do not lift weights properly. Squatting down while lifting weights can severely injure your back or legs, causing you to have pain and even need medical attention. Personal trainers can be hired to teach you how to properly lift weights without injuries involved. If you would rather skip the personal trainer fees, you can teach yourself the proper form by watching exercise videos, reading books on weight lifting and knowing what feels right for your body.

It’s recommended that you lift weights at least three times a week and to work on various parts of your body. For example, you might make Mondays your leg day where you work primarily on your legs and Wednesdays will be your arm day. It’s also important that you incorporate cardio into your workout routine throughout the week for a well-rounded exercise regimen. You do not need to pay a huge gym membership fee in order to get a good workout in, since there are tons of exercises you can do at home with little to no equipment.


Reasons and Benefits of Weight Lifting