I’ve been looking around on the internet to find a product that will make my eye lashes look fuller and thicker. I’ve already tried different mascaras that claim to accomplish this but have found that I really don’t like them too much and it is only a daily temporary fix to to my problem. After some intense searching, I came across a product called Careprost that will help lengthen and make your eyelashes longer. Of course, I wanted to find out more and took the time to read over all the facts about this product I’ve never heard of before.

It appears that Careprost is a drug in the form of eye drops that was originally used to treat glaucoma. It was accidentally discovered that these eye drops also cause longer and thicker eyelashes. That sure was an unanticipated side affect. The active ingredient is bimatoprost 0.03% which is very similar to a natural chemical in our bodies that can extend your eyelash growth period. The eye lashes become stronger and able to withstand the use of makeup on a daily basis. This product has to be used for 12-16 weeks with some people showing changes in as little as 2-4 weeks.

I’m seriously contemplating purchasing this product as I am growing tired of using too much mascara on a daily basis. Who out there doesn’t want thicker and fuller eye lashes? I can’t think of one person. I, myself, have even tried the fake eye lashes which I did not like at all. They are fake and do not appear natural at all. Plus, I would not want to have to worry about one of them falling off in any circumstance. I’m going to continue reading up on this by finding reviews and testimonials from others that have used it.

Finally a Product for Fuller and Thicker Eyelashes