There was a time when the word depressed was just a word to express one’s current state of mind when something sad happened to him. It used to be a moment or phase which will eventually pass. But nowadays depression is one of the most dangerous mental illness, an illness which should be taken care of. Till this day we cannot actually say that people have taken the seriousness of depression properly. It still remains that phase that will pass soon or tantrums one throws when he or she is upset with something. The realization of depression being a havoc for one’s life is not yet properly dawn upon most of them. But as the number of havoc created by depression or a depressed person is increasing day by day people are getting aware of it and started taking it a little more seriously. Just like any other illness, depression needs cure and proper care.

First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the depressed person himself or herself to understand that it is not an issue which should be taken lightly. Share it like you would do for any other physical illness. Mental health is as important as physical health. If you want to stay fit, you need to be fit both mentally and physically. Stop taking stress in every single thing. Failure happens, but you need to accept it and move on, that is what life is. Be with your family and friends and most importantly share details of your daily life with your closed ones. Share if you had an awesome day and share what happened that the day spend awfully. Share when you are happy, share when you are upset. Treat yourself with luxury vacation time to time and take some little breaks to meet family and friends in between. Take a break from works and studies or whatever you do in your daily life. Having a vacation is as important as studying or going to job every day.

Do not think that you are alone. The problem of depression nowadays are seen among kids and teenagers. The time when you need to lead a life to the fullest that time they are spending being depressed. The key point here is they are being depressed to seek attention, it is an issue of mental health and a massive one which should not be ignored. Love is what we need to cure such mental issues. Being depressed doesn’t mean one is mentally ill. That is a serious blind belief. It should not be a taboo. Going to a psychiatrist doesn’t mean you are a mental patient who cannot be taken seriously. The more we spread awareness the more we will be able to eradicate the blind inane belief regarding depression.

Life is beautiful and precious. It is our right as well as responsibility to lead a healthy life. The grave consequences that comes due to depression should be avoided and for that everyone need to be aware of those consequences. It is the responsibility of every single human being to make the world a happy place by spreading love and care.

Depression, its impact and solution