Most of us usually have met people; who used to snore while sleeping. It is one of the common problems that sometimes it is a signal of severe obstructive sleep apnea as well. You may have seen a lot of people making jokes of snoring, but apart from making fun off, it can sometimes be a serious problem as well. It is sometimes an indicator or severe health issue or one of the causes of it and particularly the loud snoring is the signal that there is a severe restriction of airflow in the throat while sleeping and hence needs to be diagnosed and treated correctly.

There are various common myths associated with snoring; we are here providing you 5 of them. Just have a glance:

Myth 1: Only men snore: It is one of the most common myths associated with the snoring problem. Sleeping is a general problem that everyone can face. It might be your grandmother, mother, a toddler, your sister and your wife as well and they even think how to get rid of snoring. It is right up to a great extent that men snore more than almost twice of the men do sleeping than that of women, but it is not true at all that the women are immune to this problem. As per a survey, the number of women facing snoring problem is also growing at a breakneck pace.

Myth 2: Snoring due to old age: It is entirely correct that the risk of snoring rise with the growing age due to the effects of old age and obesity; but it is not at all true that only old people sleep. As per a survey about 30% of the people aging between 30-60 snores but there are almost 6% of the children as well who do snore. It means that snoring is a problem that can affect the people of any age. Anyone can have obstruction of the throat and hence snore.

Myth 3: Snoring and Overweight: Overweight is one of the most common factors that affect snoring; but it is not the only factor behind it. Just because you snore; it doesn’t mean that you are overweight and need to lose weight for it now. There are several other reasons for this problem as well. From restriction in your throat to the severe sleep apnea problem from the shape of your jaw to the cold and flu you are facing; several reasons can make any person to snore during sleep.

Myth 4: Snore due to the tiredness of the entire day: It is one of the most common myths that the people who snore at night had faced a lot of physical exertion at daytime; which is not right for each case. We agree with the fact that it is one of the most frequent cases, but do not fit well for all those who felt sleepy during the daytime. Excessive stress or disordered sleeping is not only the factors responsible for snoring, but there is a long list of lazy people as well who kept on snoring while sleeping as well.

Myth 5: Snoring due to allergy is not harmful: It is another one of the most common myths among people that can further lead to the arrival of some serious issues sometimes. Any kind of snoring can be harmful at any age so if someone is snoring it is the signal that he is felting low during an attempt of oxygen intake. Sleeping is the signal that the oxygen supply during sleeping is restricted, so it needs to be cured immediately once detected whether it is allergic or due to some other reasons.

Common Myths about Snoring