Fix overbite and underbite properly using several ways!


One of the most common dental conditions is an overbite or underbite, this conditions occurs when your teeth do not match up properly. The cause could be anything, from habits such as thumb sucking, pushing the tongue against the teeth, or even extended use of a pacifier. This can also occurs in patients who lose their back teeth. You can treat overbite or underbite and several ways, however one of the best way is underbite jaw surgery or you can use several ways to fix it. Therefore, today I will provide you with a step by step guide on how to fix underbite or overbite properly.


The first step is diagnose overbite or underbite at your home. You will need to close your mouth normally and naturally making sure that your jaw relaxed. Then, you will need to look in a mirror and smile to visualize your teeth. If your top and bottom teeth are overlap then your bite alignment is off and you got underbite. There are several type of overbite, there are class 1 that is the common class, then class 2 that is when top teeth significantly overlap the bottom jaw and teeth. Then the class 3 maloclussion that called underbite or prognathism. If you are not sure then make sure that you have your teeth checked by a dentist.


The next step is diagnose overbite at the dentist’s office. I recommend you to visit dentist to check about your dental healthy at least twice a year. Dentist are capable to diagnose dental health and overbite appropirately. Therefore, get a checkup and dental exam about your overall condition and get x-ray to check properly. Otherwise, you can consult an orthodontist that capable to give treatment, correcting and realigning the teeth.


The next step is treating overbite. There are several ways to treat overbites or underbite, the most common way to treat overbite is by get braces. By giving pressure and directing the teeth to move in, braces are able to help with the realigment of teeth. However, applying brace generally can be sore, it also capable to irritate the tongue, checks or lips. This can cause discomfort that last for more than two weeks.


Another way or options to correcting overbite is by getting aligners. This thing are invisible, made from acrylic and can be removed for eating and brushings. Aligner are custom made and can be used for teens and adult. Otherwise, you can ask for teeth removal, especially when your  underbite is caused by overcrowding tooth. Teeth repair may also allow you to move your teeth into a more comfortable position.


For the best way to correcting overbite is by oral surgery. This is the last resort when orthodontic treatment such as braces or aligners do not correct the overbite. Make sure to consult with your dentist and orthodentist before you take oral surgery. By performing underbite jaw surgery, you will be able to fix your teeth and use …