Given the built-in obsolescence of many of the modern products available today, it can be surprising to consider that there is still an aspect of our economy that runs on the idea of saving, repairing and reworking items for reuse. We all have to deal with the idea that much of our economy is “disposable,” and many of the items we buy will soon be outmoded and “beyond repair” by the time we’ve gotten them all paid for. Yet there is still a strong part of our economy that runs on the idea of skilled maintenance of machinery and tools.

Car Mechanics

Car mechanics are skilled technicians who really know how to keep a car running and well-maintained. That’s why an auto shop that employs great mechanics will always be busy and popular. Cars are very complex machines, and they are a major expense in a person’s budget. That’s why it’s so important that they be kept in great working order, for years on end, and that’s why most people feel that a great auto mechanic is a person who is made of gold.

The Maintenance of Medical and Dental Instruments

Another area that sees a great deal of tool maintenance are the medical and dental fields. These professionals depend on the use of fine tools for the care of patients, and these tools must be kept in optimal shape at all times.

Those who specialize in the repair of surgical instruments know that phaco handpiece repair, when done well, can save a practice a great deal of money. These instruments are expensive to buy new, but they can be used for the long term if they are repaired by skilled technicians.

The good news, too, is that clinics that use repaired instruments pass those savings on, which is why having a repair and reuse philosophy is good for everyone, all around.

Best Dental Equipment Maintenance