If you’re someone who enjoys helping others, then a career that enables you to do this every day is just what you need. For a lot of people who are looking for a new career, or who are just starting off in the world of work, then they are often looking for a job that provides a level of personal satisfaction, and those jobs are out there. Whether your passion lies in healthcare, social care or another option, then here are the 3 careers you should consider if you enjoy helping others.


Teaching and Education

Education is a broad field which gives you the opportunity to pass your knowledge and skills onto other people, whether they are children or adults. Other than the typical primary and secondary school teaching paths, there are many other opportunities to teach. For example, a further education college or a school specialising in education for children with special needs.

You will need a degree to qualify as a teacher with an additional year of training, but there are also other opportunities available such as childcare, youth work or becoming a teaching assistant.  The knowledge that you have will have a direct impact on other people’s lives, and the fact that you are helping others to develop themselves is extremely rewarding.


Foster Carer

Becoming a foster carer is perhaps one of the most heart-warming and kindest acts that a person can do in their lifetime. Whilst many know what fostering involves, fostering is one of the biggest opportunities to help make a big difference to a child’s future. Foster care can often involve working with vulnerable children and young people, but nothing compares to seeing those children develop their confidence and esteem thanks to your care and support.

Foster carers receive a fostering allowance, but the main motivation in becoming a foster carer must be to help make a child’s life that little bit happier. You will receive support from a local social worker throughout your journey and further training and qualifications are available for you to further your knowledge as a foster carer.


Emergency Services

The emergency services consist of the police, ambulance and fire and rescue services, and all have the same thing in common – responding to people in their time of need. Working within the emergency services requires a lot of responsibility and tends to be community orientated. There is a wide range of entry levels and options available across the three services, from being a call-handler to working on the frontline of the service, and there is a large sense of satisfaction in knowing that your work is directly making a genuine difference to your local society.

3 Careers To Try If You Enjoy Helping Others